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            Hefei Aosen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, located in the well-developed Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui province which is adjacent to the Songshan Lake high-tech industrial zone. Our company is specialized in golf courses and tourist cars design and precision production, and tailor-made for customers with sections of special electric vehicles, modified cars.

            Aosen products are mainly in aluminum chassis, McPherson car independent suspension for the characteristics of the vehicle with a full import configuration, coupled with the remarkble appearance. Our products are sold all over the world, access to countless customers preferences.

            Our company, proud of the introduction of industry professionals continuing to absorb the advantages of the industry, through continuous innovation, now has 28 national patents, and the nationwide introduction of new equipment exchange system of golf and tourist car, getting fruitful results.

            Our company maintains long-term cooperation with many big companies in China, such as the Hefei Trade and Industry Bureau, Dali Tourism Bureau, Sanya Tourism Bureau, Tourism Bureau of Hainan, Chengdu Tourism Bureau, Heze Urban Management Bureau, Cambridge Hospital, Wulingshan Trade City, Shanghai Stadium, Taiyuan Heavy Rail Transit Equipment Co., Hotel, Hefei Emerald Lake Park, Hefei Botanical Garden, Beijing Automobile Stadium Experience Center, Shanghai International Circuit Karting World, Wanda Group, Happy Valley, Fangte Park ,and also exports to many foreign countries, up to 1000 cars per year.

            Prussia will continue to invest more in innovation in the future, struggle for greater advantage, bringing more convenience and joy to your life.